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Rectal Hernias (Rectocele)….

Rectal Hernias (Rectocele)….


Rectocele (or rectal hernia) is a defect or weakness of the lower rectal wall that causes bowel difficulties that can result in constipation in women. Eventually it will require manual assistance or the routine usage of enemas or laxatives. 

It is also one of the most common causes of rectal complaints in women. We are one of the few proctologic clinics that have not only proven that transrectal or endorectal repair can be done safely and effectively, but who offer it as a safe procedure resulting in improvement of bowel function and overall patient satisfaction. 

If you are a female who has experienced such symptoms, please give us a call.

Rectocele Reference:

Sehapayak S (1985). Transrectal repair of rectocele: an extended armamentarium of colorectal surgeons. Dis. Colon Rectum, 28, 422-33

Other references available upon request.


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